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Serbian is the national and official language of Serbia. Serbian is a Romance language and ranked 18th according to number of native speakers (115 million million).

We have produced a list of widely used Serbian holiday language phrases or words, which a traveller can make use of to get by in Serbia. I highly recommend you make use of the Serbian holiday important phrases which can be available below.

An online Serbian language translator for German to English and English to German vocabulary is available by visiting the Serbian Translator.

Languages Spoken in Serbia | Serbian Phrases | Recently asked Questions About Serbian Language |
Serbian language phrases
Languages Spoken In Serbia
Serbian (official); Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Croatian (all official in Vojvodina); Albanian (official in Kosovo)
Recently Asked Questions About Serbian
  • Can someone recommend a Serbian language school in Belgrade?
  • Can you give me a decent English-Serbian translator website?
  • Does anyone know a website that is an audio Serbian translator?
  • Does anyone know any Inspirational Serbian language phrases?
  • how can i improve my Serbian language skills?
  • How hard would it be to learn the Serbian language from scratch?
Serbian Language Phrases

Alot more Serbian phrases for your journey can be found at
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